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We are proud to offer u-pick blueberries to our community. We have about 600 blueberry plants in a few different varieties. Our blueberry season is short, blueberries ripen in early June and are finished at the beginning of July. Thankfully, the berries freeze well so they can still be enjoyed throughout the year. 

We care for our blueberry plants using organic methods. For us, this means an increase in weeding, mulching, and pest control management. One of our most common pests is the Japanese green beetle, which you may see on our bushes. They are little green beetle that love to eat blueberry plants and berries. We also have to enclose our field with nets to save the berries from the birds. We chose early to mid-season ripening berries to avoid the increase in insect pests as the season lengthens. Our berries are all Northern Highbush varieties.

Maple Syrup

We have over 150+ maple trees that we tap each year in January.  We collect sap in metal buckets and boil gallons and gallons of sap for hours in our evaporator until it reaches syrup sugar percentage. The season ends in February or March, depending on the weather. 

A little more complicated than we make it sound, every year is different - different syrup, different problems, different amount of syrup. Some years we get very little, some years surprise us. We are always happy to share. 

We participate in Kentucky Maple Day every year in February where we welcome you to the farm to see our maple syrup production. We also host small groups to come visit and learn more about maple syrup production. Contact us for more information. 


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