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U-Pick Blueberries

Our u-pick blueberry season is in June. We will announce our opening date and hours each year. After our opening date, the blueberry field is open for picking during picking hours until the season is over.

Please call (502) 889-7018 or

(502) 437- 9176 before coming to confirm that we have ripe berries. 

Please bring a bucket for your berries, water, and sunscreen. It gets hot out! Come early in the day to get the best berries, we do get picked out. 

We have cold drinks for sale and two picnic tables if you'd like to bring a lunch. 

Clusters of ripe blueberries hanging from green bushes

What to expect:

When you reach our address, our farm is located down the driveway to the right. It is a long and narrow driveway, please drive slowly in case you encounter a car coming the other direction. There are spaces to pull over to allow others to pass. 

Once you reach the field, turn right down the middle of the pasture. The blueberry field is located the end of the pasture in an enclosed fence. There is space for parking in the pasture. 

For picking:

Please wash your hands at the hand washing station before picking. 

If there is no one present at the tent, no worries, go ahead and grab your bucket and start picking. If you forgot to bring a bucket, we have a few available that you can borrow. Once you are done picking, we will weigh your buckets and you can pay then. 


We have one composting toilet available.

We have two picnic tables available for your use. Please feel free to bring blankets and picnic in the pasture as well. 

U-pick blueberry field and parking sign

Our Berries

We care for our blueberry plants using organic methods. For us, this means an increase in weeding, mulching, and pest control management. One of our most common pests is the Japanese green beetle, which you may see on our bushes. They are little green beetle that love to eat blueberry plants and berries. We also had to enclose our field with nets to save the berries from the birds. We chose early to mid-season ripening berries to avoid the increase in insect pests as the season lengthens. Our berries are all Northern Highbush varieties.

Varieties (listed in order of ripening)


Patriot is our earliest ripening berry.  Quarter-size berries! This variety is big and bountiful — the largest early-season blueberry. Most years it starts ripening around June 10th-12th. The berries are large and both sweet and tart; making them perfect for pies, jams and jellies. We also enjoy eating them fresh. Since they ripen so early, they are not much affected by insect pests. Patriot also withstands heavy clay soils; doing well with many Kentucky soils.


Blueray is Doug’s favorite berry. They are large and sweet with an extra spice.  You will not find these in the store because they don’t travel well. So, Blues End Farm is the place to get them. They start ripening after second week of June (June 12th-14th) – a few days after Patriot and ripen in abundance. The berries come in large clusters which make them easier to pick. Blueray is tolerant of issues in soils; so it has grown well in our soils.

Blue Crop

Blue Crop is your standard blueberry tasting berry.  It has a mild taste that goes with everything. The berries start ripening June 15th-18th.  It is pretty cold hardy – so if we have a cold snap, maybe this one will survive and give us a few berries. A great blueberry plant for colder climates. Produces big clusters of large, all-purpose berries — perfect in salads or pies, or served with cream. 


Chandler are the giant berries, a size of a quarter. They are fun for kids to pick and they have a great flavor. We only have a few plants of these, because it has been hard to get them to grow. The literature says they are cold hardy and tolerant of clay soils. They ripen about the same time as Blue Crop, June 15th-18th. 

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